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Translating current url into another language #1

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Hi Francesc,

I'm looking into your plugin as replacement from Raul's translate_routes in my Rails3.1 app. I'm struggling with the following use case, maybe this can be done easily. If not, this might me an interesting feature to add :)

I want to have a language switcher in the header, used across the site, with the different available languages. I'd like the switcher to link or redirect to the page the user is at, localized with the selected language. I was looking for some helper or method to translate current_url. I ended up using some ugly javascript, but it good be great if I could use translate-routes.

Any ideas?



I had this on my mind too but it's difficult to provide a good solution that covers real-world(tm) examples not just simple ones. I think the main problem would be the following case:

Let's image we have an app with products and 2 languages (en / es), with rails-translate-routes we set this url structure


In that case it should be simple to redirect the user from the english url to exactly the same place in the spanish one. But now imagine we also use a semantic id for each product in each language (a more real example for better SEO):


In that case it would be almost impossible for the gem to help you there, and it should be done by yourself in the app depending on your logic.

There's also another problem for real usage, based on the same example maybe we only display products that have an available translation and maybe we have red-trousers but in the spanish version the pantalones-rojos still doesn't exist because it hasn't been translated so we can't do the switch.


Thanks Francesc!

Interesting problem in deed. In the meanwhile I found that link_to was translating routes this way:

link_to 'es', :locale => 'es'

So I used url_for to obtain my translated route:

url_for(:locale => 'es')

This problably won't work with the use case you describe, I've not tried ... but I will and let you know.


I also stumbled upon this issue of having a "language switcher" which links to the same current page, except translated in another language (and thus having its proper url). Indeed, if your current page is in English, using

url_for(:locale => 'es')

will generate a link with the Spanish locale, but as mentioned by @francesc, it will not correctly handle the slug (i.e. what is returned by the to_param method in a model).

However, I managed to have it working by coding a helper which does something like this:

def language_switcher_link
  other_locale = toggle_locale.to_s
  url = if params.keys.include? 'id'
          # TODO: introspection into params to figure out 
          # the object model from which to call to_param on, e.g.
          # new_id = @product.to_param
          url_for(:locale => other_locale, :id => new_id)
          url_for(:locale => other_locale)

def toggle_locale
  I18n.locale = [:en, :es].reject{|l| l == I18n.locale}.pop

I'll add some info about this in the Readme for simple uses to help developers. Thanks!

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