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'host' constraint not working #27

stephanvane opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Hello, I tried using constraints host: '' in my routes.rb. I think this problem is closely related to #12. Adding conditions[:host] = route.constraints[:host] if route.constraints would work.

I guess that since there could be more constraints a more general solution is in it's place. Replacing the #12 fix with:

if route.constraints
  route.constraints.each do |k,v|
    conditions[k] = v unless k == :request_method

works for me. (request_method is left out since it resulted in an error).

I'm not sure if my method introduces new problems. If it does, then a simple conditions[:host] = route.constraints[:host] if route.constraints instead would to the trick.


It looks good to me, did you try it out? I'll make the changes and run a few test asap. Thanks.


I tested it on my own project and I didn't see any problems with it. I guess it'll work just fine everywhere. Some double checking couldn't hurt though :) I'm far from an expert on rails routing

@stephanvane stephanvane referenced this issue from a commit in stephanvane/rails-translate-routes
@stephanvane stephanvane fixed issue #27 eabd852

I'll try to release it today or next tuesday. Thanks!


Thanks you
I'll use my branch of the gem in the meantime so take your time :)
Great project btw, thanks for the work!

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