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GitQlient 1.0.0

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@francescmm francescmm released this 25 Feb 19:42

Big features:

  • Multi-repository support: Added support to have multiple repositories opened at the same time.
  • Submodules: Added support for opening, adding and updating the submodules in a repository. The submodules can be opened as a normal repository to work with them.
  • Blame & History: There is a whole new screen where one can review the history of a file and blame it.

Minor features:

  • Branches: The branches are shown in a tree structure, more easy to follow.
  • Diffs: Between files, between random commits, etc.
  • Patches: I took back the patches but with some improvements: Multi-selection of commits to export them. Possibility of applying patches or import them.
  • Cloning/Init repositories: Progress dialogs when cloning or opening really big repos.
  • Refactor: The old backend has been reworked in a 97%. There are some pending changes that will be done on the v2.0.0.

Other technical improvements from the version available in GitQlientPlugin v1.0.0:

  • Re-organization of the project structure for a more intuitive architecture
  • Controls:
    • Main view buttons display the current view.
    • Added Diff as option
  • Repository view re-structure (aka HistoryWidget):
    • "Go to SHA" featured integrated in the repository view
  • Blame improvements:
    • Adding tabs to have several blames and improving navigation between the commit history and the blames
  • New Diff view:
    • Adding options to switch between different diffs (buttons list)
    • Added information about the commits that are compared and the files that are modified
  • Added option to reset staged files