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Phaad is a little language, written in Ruby, implementing a subset of Ruby's syntax, and compiling it down to PHP.


Phaad is a work in progress. I made it to save myself from typing dollar signs, and brackets everywhere, when developing in PHP, while teaching myself a little about Lexers and Parsers.

The following features are currently implemented

  • Unary operators ~, +, -, !
  • Binary operators
    • Arithmetic: +, -, *, /, %, ** (converted to pow)
    • Logical: &&, ||, and, or
    • Bitwise: |, &, ^
    • Comparison: ==, !=, >, <, >=, <=, ===
    • Regex match: =~, !~ (converted to preg_match)
  • Assigning variables, both single and multiple at once (a, b = 1, 2 => $a = 1;\n$b=2;)
  • if, unless, while, and until statements, both in the long and one line form of Ruby
  • Function definitions
  • Arrays, both linear and associative

Getting Started


It's best to install the latest revision from the repository.

git clone
cd phaad
bundle install
rake spec # optional
rake install

Installing the gem will provide you with a phaad command. Invoking it without any parameters brings up an interactive REPL, similar to IRB. You can type in code, and get the generated PHP code back instantly.


It's best to checkout the spec directory for a list of features with examples for now.


MIT License. (c) 2011 Utkarsh Kukreti.