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Commits on May 4, 2010
  1. ignore PKG-INFO

Commits on May 3, 2010
  1. Merge branch 'master' of git://

  2. @dabrahams
  3. @dabrahams

    Repair the test_uninstall_rollback test

    dabrahams committed
    I had missed an alteration in the pattern used with diff_files, and
    the method used to calculate the target path for rollback was broken
    on Windows.
  4. @dabrahams
  5. @dabrahams
  6. @dabrahams
  7. @dabrahams

    Recent Microsoft compilers generate manifest files that must be unins…

    dabrahams committed
    …talled along with their .EXEs
  8. @dabrahams

    On Windows, .pth files must be saved in binary mode ('wb')

    dabrahams committed
    ...because they are written by easy_install with Unix line
    endings (\n) there and if we write DOS line endings (\r\n) as 'w'
    does, our uninstall tests that check for complete rollback of
    easy-install.pth fail.
  9. @dabrahams

    Eliminated all direct uses of diff_states, instead using a new

    dabrahams committed
    assert_all_changes, which DRY's things out substantially
  10. @dabrahams

    Rationalized and cleaned up use of relative/absolute paths in TestPip…

    dabrahams committed
    In, invoke python without qualification
    Removed flotsam and jetsam
  11. @dabrahams
  12. @dabrahams
  13. @dabrahams
  14. @dabrahams

    Factored DOS-newline-handling into; since it applies ever…

    dabrahams committed
    …ywhere now, that should fix the last of the Windows failures!
  15. @dabrahams

    This file gets written by the install test, causing the source tree to

    dabrahams committed
    appear outdated to source control when it shows up with Windows
    line-endings.  Really this whole package should be copied elsewhere
    before it is installed (see
  16. @dabrahams
  17. @dabrahams
  18. @dabrahams

    purged last use of base_path

    dabrahams committed
  19. @dabrahams
  20. @dabrahams
  21. @dabrahams
  22. @dabrahams

    Various fixes to implementation and uses of assert_installed.

    dabrahams committed
    Should probably be squashed with previous commit.
  23. @dabrahams
  24. @dabrahams
  25. @dabrahams

    Added normcase support and choose base class appropriately to

    dabrahams committed
    os.path's notion of unicode support
  26. @dabrahams

    calculate site-packages location portably

    dabrahams committed
    Uninstall virtualenv's pip in a way that works on Windows, i.e. not
    using the executable that's being uninstalled and not using the code
    that comes with virtualenv, which is broken.
    Add '-' to Path for relative path calculation
    Silence virtualenv preparation
    Encourage earlier GC of the last TestPipEnvironment, which was
    happening too late
  27. @dabrahams
  28. @dabrahams
  29. @dabrahams

    All test_upgrade test pass

    committed with dabrahams
  30. @dabrahams
  31. @dabrahams

    ignore *.swp and log*.txt

    committed with dabrahams
  32. @dabrahams
  33. @dabrahams
  34. @dabrahams
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