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Prism Syntax Highlighting for Ghost

Demo: (offline)

Ghost is work-in-progress, especially the plugin API, so this is just an experiment, installation/updates are not super smooth, but I'm sure it will improve with time.


Tested with: Ghost 0.3.2

The installation requires patching a couple of lines in core, when updating Ghost it will break, but it would break anyway for the API changes, so check for new version/instructions when updating Ghost.

  • Download the plugin in contents/plugins/prism, e.g with git from ghost root git clone content/plugins/prism
  • Patch some core files, from ghost root run patch -p1 < content/plugins/prism/patch/0.3.2.diff
  • edit your config.js adding activePlugins and prism plugin settings for your environment, example:
config = {
    // ### Development **(default)**
    development: {
        activePlugins: ['prism'],
        prism: {
            theme: 'default',
            plugins: ['line-numbers'],
            langs: ['markup', 'javascript', 'css', 'css-extras', 'php', 'php-extras', 'ruby', 'bash']
  • Restart Ghost

It will compile the selected prism theme, plugins and langs together in a js and a css file when starting ghost, so config changes need ghost restart.


Prism syntax highlighting integrate nicely with the html ghost generates from markdown. You can use the triple backticks in markdown to generate<pre><code> html, adding the prism specific classes after the opening backticks.


alert('hello world');

```lang-ruby line-numbers
puts 'Hello world'

Or manually enter the html with the prism syntax. You can find info on prism and available themes, plugins and languages at


  • only highligh syntax on frontend, not admin
  • using the line-numbers prism plugin the line numbers alignment is a bit off