A simple Laravel project preparation script, for a lazy developer.
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A really simple script for a really lazy developer, to get a new Laravel project (and its development environment, with Docker) up and running with a single command.

How Does it Work?

If you type ./laraprep.sh test, Laraprep:

  • creates a new Laravel project, using docker CLI commands;
  • configures the hosts file accordingly, by linking localhost to the test.dev hostname;
  • configures Vessel to use Docker for the development environment;
  • starts all the containers with ./vessel start;

You're ready to rock! You can reach your project by typing test.dev in your browser.

Custom Project

If you want to install another Laravel-based project and not the plain laravel/laravel, use the --project option. Here's an example with one of my projects:

./laraprep.sh --project=francescomalatesta/laravel-api-boilerplate-jwt boilerplate

With the above command LaraPrep will install the francescomalatesta/laravel-api-boilerplate-jwt repository under the boilerplate folder, with everything set up to start.

Important: use the --project option BEFORE the folder name, not after.

How can I use the Docker environment?

You can find all the info you need on the Vessel Project site.

I'm in! How can I install it?

Just clone this repository wherever you want, and you're good to go.

Also, you can add an alias for the ./laraprep.sh file to use wherever you want on your system. You can also move it under the usr/local/bin folder.


Every kind of feedback is welcome. If something is not working, feel free to open a PR or an issue.