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Telegram Bot for save notes callable through inline mode and set reminders!
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BNoteBot Bot License: GPL v3

Telegram Bot for save notes callable through inline mode and set reminders!

Logo BNoteBot

How to contribute

Fork this project, create a new branch, commit all changes and create a pull request!

If you want to help translate this project create a new file into lang/ directory named: message.languagecode.php. Use the file message.en.php as a guide. If you've seen a wrong translation send an issue.

How to clone

Download a release, unzip, execute create_table.SQL to create tables in your MySQL Database, setup config.php and set Telegram webhook to bot.php file. After that you should execute cronjob.php every minute, just setup a cron-job.

How to setup the webhook

You can simply run setWebhook.php.

If you want to do it manually use this URL:

For example:

Remember that the TOKEN must start with 'bot' and the BOTURL with 'https://'.

Make a donation

If you like my work, you could make a donation: PayPal or BitCoin. Thank you!


Follow me on my Channel: @franci22channel (Italian Version) and @franci22channel_en (English Version).

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