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Geolocation web application to show how to use the Geolocation API.
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Geo is a geolocation web application. It let users:

  • choose among OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, and a hybrid map that is a Google Map with OpenStreetMap tiles placed on it (this feature does not work on Firefox OS at the moment: see issue #7 for details)
  • access the address book to show all contacts on the map, look for a contact and insert a address if not provided

You can try it live or in the Firefox OS Simulator.

Screenshot Screenshot


This demo is part of the following MDN articles:

Note that OpenStreetMap data is free for everyone to use, but OpenStreetMap tile servers are not: heavy use of OpenStreetMap tiles is forbidden without prior permission from OpenStreetMap's System Administrators: please read the Tile Usage Policy and this article on if you want to distribute an app that gets use of tiles from

Marcos Lin developed a AngularJS-based version of this app, and we explored the trade-offs between core Javascript and AngularJS development in this presentation.


  • open github issues
  • fix github issues
  • add tests
  • better look&feel
  • navigator (watchPosition)
  • route
  • FxOS installer
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