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Meow Meow Panic

The project we came up with for the Open Source Game Coding Competition 2011.


You control a mouse who is being attacked from all sides by evil cats. You have nowhere to run so you have to defend yourself, but you carry no weapons. The only equipment you have is a special camera that has the ability to temporarily capture the essence of whatever it takes a picture of and turn it into weapons. The stronger the enemy you capture, the stronger your shots. If you defeat enough minions, the true master of the field may show up to take you on!


Use the W, A, S, D keys to move. Use the mouse to aim. Left click to shoot.

The top left of the screen displays your current score. The top right displays your current health. The top center displays your current shot type. You always default to the camera. When you successfully capture an enemy, you temporarily gain 10 shots of the type your captured enemy represents. The camera does no damage. Health bars are displayed above each character, including the player and enemies.