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Vue WebPack for Code Igniter.
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Scrutinizer Code Quality Maintainability


WebPack for Vue in Code Igniter

Disclaimer: As there are different ways to use Vue, this library implements a different usage of Vue via CDN.


Download and Install Splint from and run the below from the root of your Code Igniter project.

splint install francis94c/vue-ci


Basically, When building Single Page Applications (SPAs), You tend to load certain JavaScript files on the client side. with this library, you can group scripts to load under a URL.

Step 1

Create a config file vue.php under applications/config/vue.php. This config file will have content similar to the following. Which we'll explain below.

defined('BASEPATH') OR exit('No direct script access allowed');

$config['vue'] = [
  'groups' => [
    'main' => [
      'components' => [
      'scripts' => [
    'initState' => [
      'scripts' => [
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