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Is a new admin theme for FlatPress CMS
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Flatpress Responsive Admin Theme

Is a new admin theme for FlatPress CMS

This is a new responsive theme for the Flatpress control panel.

This is a Beta version of the theme, so dont use in professional/personal blogs.


To install, just uncompress the new admin theme in your flatpress installation. Then, go to the admin panel, select "Maintain", and "Purge theme and templates cache".


To uninstall the admin theme, delete the "admin" folder, and upload the default "admin" folder of your flatpress version (Go to flatpress homepage, and download it).

Also, you need to reemplace this files:

  • login.php
  • fp-interface/sharedtpls/login.tpl
  • fp-interface/sharedtpls/login_page.tpl
  • fp-interface/sharedtpls/login_success.tpl

If you use one of this plugins, you need also reemplace their tpl files (Copy tpl files from each plugin).

  • BBcode
  • Blockparser
  • Lastcommentsadmin
  • qspam
  • Mediamanager

See more

To see more about this theme (How to create plugins, changelog, etc), visit this link.
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