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# The Timber Starter Theme
# bravi-weather-timber
WordPress Theme by
Francisco Matelli Matulovic
The "_s" for Timber: a dead-simple theme that you can build from. The primary purpose of this theme is to provide a file structure rather than a framework for markup or styles. Configure your Sass, scripts, and task runners however you would like!
Install Timber plugin on wordpress and activate this theme, simple as that
[![Build Status](](
## Installing the Theme
Install this theme as you would any other, and be sure the Timber plugin is activated. But hey, let's break it down into some bullets:
1. Make sure you have installed the plugin for the [Timber Library]( (and Advanced Custom Fields - they [play quite nicely]( together).
2. Download the zip for this theme (or clone it) and move it to `wp-content/themes` in your WordPress installation.
3. Rename the folder to something that makes sense for your website (generally no spaces and all lowercase). You could keep the name `timber-starter-theme` but the point of a starter theme is to make it your own!
4. Activate the theme in Appearance > Themes.
5. Do your thing! And read [the docs](
## What's here?
`static/` is where you can keep your static front-end scripts, styles, or images. In other words, your Sass files, JS files, fonts, and SVGs would live here.
`templates/` contains all of your Twig templates. These pretty much correspond 1 to 1 with the PHP files that respond to the WordPress template hierarchy. At the end of each PHP template, you'll notice a `Timber::render()` function whose first parameter is the Twig file where that data (or `$context`) will be used. Just an FYI.
`bin/` and `tests/` ... basically don't worry about (or remove) these unless you know what they are and want to.
## Other Resources
The [main Timber Wiki]( is super great, so reference those often. Also, check out these articles and projects for more info:
* [This branch]( of the starter theme has some more example code with ACF and a slightly different set up.
* [Twig for Timber Cheatsheet](
* [Timber and Twig Reignited My Love for WordPress]( on CSS-Tricks
* [A real live Timber theme](
* [Timber Video Tutorials]( and [an incomplete set of screencasts]( for building a Timber theme from scratch.
Based on: The Timber Starter Theme

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