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Release 2.0.0.pre
* CHANGED: Dropped support for Rails 2.

* CHANGED: Remove "Incomplete `close_tabs' definition" warning. open_tabs/close_tabs can now have zero or more arguments.


Release 1.3.2
* CHANGED: Use Bundler to declare dependencies.

* FIXED: Some Rails 2 user can experience a NoMethodError: undefined method `html_safe'.


Release 1.3.1
* FIXED: Error wrong number of arguments (2 for 3) (closes #3)


Release 1.3.0
* ADDED: Ability to customize the behavior and the style of the li tab item passing a hash of options.


Release 1.2.0
* ADDED: Rails 3 compatibility.

* CHANGED: Simplified tabs_tag helper by moving the rendering logic into TabsOnRails::Tabs#render.

* CHANGED: TabsOnRails::Tabs::Builder (and all child classes) now has full access to @options hash.


Release 1.1.0
* FIXED: Incompatibility with release < 1.0.0 caused by open_tabs and close_tabs methods changes compared to 0.8.0.

* CHANGED: Removed BUILD and STATUS constants. Added Version::ALPHA constant to be used when I need to package prereleases (see RubyGem --prerelease flag).

* CHANGED: Removed empty install/uninstall hooks and tasks folder.

* CHANGED: Removed rails/init hook because deprecated in Rails 3.

* CHANGED: Drop dependency from Echoe. Change Rakefile to use custom tasks.

* REMOVED: Deleted empty install.rb file.


Tagged Release TabsOnRails 1.0.0


Tagged Release TabsOnRails 0.8.2


Tagged Release TabsOnRails 0.8.1


Tagged release TabsOnRails 0.8.0
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