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Oct 25, 2017
Sep 7, 2017
Oct 25, 2017

Real time chat with Javascript

We are going to make a real time chat with Javascript in this free workshop. You will learn websockets and the basics of Node.js.

You will receive a basic Node.js template and we will follow the project from there. We will then implement the front-end with simple CSS+HTML, and finally we will add the real time functionality with javascript, and jQuery.

Thanks to Hiroaki Yasutomo for hosting this event at SHIFTBRAIN Inc. He also organizes these awesome weekly programming meetups:

Francisco Presencia has done this and similar workshops all around the world following his passion of teaching people. He has made many different projects:


  1. Bring your own laptop.

  2. Basic Javascript and English knowledge. You don't have to be an expert, but you have to be able to make simple web pages in HTML+CSS+JS.

  3. Node.js installed in your system, version 7.6.0 or higher: INSTALLATION GUIDE


  • 19:00 Introduction: web, Node.js, websockets,
  • 19:10 Start project: chat, files, etc
  • 19:20 Back-end & explanation
  • 19:30 Username: cookies.js
  • 19:40 Chat room & messages
  • 20:00 Questions
  • 20:10 Implement features A & B
  • 21:00 The End
  • [home]: Implement feature C & make a Pull Request to

Disclaimer: we will be using two open source tools I've made to make it easier to program. There are many open source alternatives.


Real time chat with and Node.js




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