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Welcome to the GTradRestAPI wiki!

Use Google Translate Rest API Free to free translate any text using Google translate from your C# software

The official Google Translate API is available for companies by paying a license fee... But it is possible to call the secret API which is used internally by Google Translate's Chrome extension!

This program is Free and Open Source. Developed with .NET Framework 4.6.2, C# and VS 2015. First release Feb 2018

command line usage:

type GTradRestAPI.exe to get help:

Goggle Trad Rest API
(c) 2018 Franck Gaspoz

command line syntax:
 source_langid target_langid text [-q]
    source_langid : original text lang id
    target_langid : translated text lang id
    -q : turn off all outputs excepting errors
    -list : dump list of languagaes ids & names


exemples dos console

how to get it ?

  • Clone the GIT repository to your computer
  • copy /bin/debug/GTradRestAPI.exe and /bin/debug/GTradRestAPI.exe.config to your binaries dos folder or anywhere you want, and use the command line tool from shell console
  • or open GTradRestAPI.csproj in Visual Studio (2015 and above) and edit/compile it
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