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.NET Accurate Logger for C#

Fully configurable, customizable and extensible log framework for C#. Can log to Console,EventLog,File,Netwok,... with filtering,formatting and dispatching


This API provides all functionnalities necessary to log text and data to different targets, allowing to select only relevant log items categories, log types and source objects throught appropriate filters. It is possible to choose log items properties from more than 10 ones (including information about the caller: object,type,method or property name,source file name and line number) and to control the formating of a log item text (order and size of properties columns).

Several standard loggers are provided, but new ones can be developped in a very simple way. Each component can also be extended in order to support new functionnalities. Loggers can be combined together with pipes.

The API is designed to run fast. Filters and formating can be controlled in a global way or individualy for each logger. It can store items in real time and delivers it in a deferred way by blocks. It supports multithreading contexts.


  • Principles
  • Usage
  • Available loggers
  • Examples

1. Principles

See class diagram on page Class Diagram

2. Usage

2.1. Get and references NAccLogger package

Install it from NuGet: from Visual Studio NuGet package manager, select your target project and type the command:

Install-Package NAccLogger

The package has no dependencies and contains only the file NAccLogger.dll

In any class where you want to call the logger, add the using:

using NAccLogger;

2.2. Call the logger

The logger is called throught the static facade of the API: the class Log. This class owns all the entry points to the API functions.

3. Available loggers

4. Examples

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