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Author Mode plugin

This plugin adds several things to ease the use of a blog with several contributors. It adds the following features :

On the admin side : -User config pages have a new description field. -a new widget appears : Authors list, you can chose to make it appear only on the archive pages, change its title and display the number of posts for each author or not.

On the public side : -a list of all authors, if the widget is configured. -a whole page to display this list with the authors descriptions. -an archive page for each author. -new feeds, one by author, one for the comments on the author's post. -several new template tags to use on the new pages.

The new template pages used by this plugins are located in the default-template subfolder. There is no need to move them to your template's folder (although you can do it if you want.)

New template tags :

{{tpl:AuthorName}} : Last name. {{tpl:AuthorFirstName}} : First name. {{tpl:AuthorDisplayName}} : Display name (so far, so good.) {{tpl:AuthorCommonName}} : Display name if it exists, otherwise First name + last name.

{{tpl:AuthorEmail}} : email, encoded for spam protection {{tpl:AuthorID}} : userid {{tpl:AuthorURL}} : the URL defined in the user settings page. {{tpl:AuthorDesc}} : Description. {{tpl:AuthorPostsURL}} : the URL of the page with all the author's posts. {{tpl:AuthorFeedURL}} : feed for the said page.

<tpl:Authors> : Authors list. -->

A big thanks to Olivier and Pep, as they wrote nearly all of this plugin. I'm just a Cut&Paste master.