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Static Cache plugin installation

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You may add the following constants in your main config.php file:

  • DC_SC_CACHE_ENABLE : set to false to disable caching system (default false)

  • DC_SC_CACHE_DIR : full path to cache directory (default to dcstaticcache in your cache directory)

  • DC_SC_CACHE_BLOGS_ON : list of blogs ID that should be cached (empty or not defined -> all blogs will be cached)

  • DC_SC_CACHE_BLOGS_OFF : list of blogs ID that must not be cached (empty or not defined -> no blogs will be cached) Note: DC_SC_CACHE_BLOGS_OFF has higher priority than DC_SC_CACHE_BLOGS_ON

  • DC_SC_EXCLUDED_URL : list of URL types excluded from cache

Note : preview and pagespreview URL types are always excluded


If you want cache to be called before any connection to database, add a require statement to _post_config.php at the end of your configuration file.