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+# Introduction to Cxx Maven Plugin
+* This plugin contains various small goals to assist C++ compilation with the Maven build lifecycle.
-a Maven Plugin for c++ life cycle
+## [Goals Overview](
+* [cxx-maven-plugin:launch]( generic command launch goal
+* [cxx-maven-plugin:cmake]( project generation goal using cmake tool.
+* [cxx-maven-plugin:make]( build goal using make tool.
+* [cxx-maven-plugin:xunit]( unit test report generic generation goal.
+* [cxx-maven-plugin:cppcheck]( cppcheck reports generation goal.
+* [cxx-maven-plugin:cppncss]( cppncss reports generation goal.
+* [cxx-maven-plugin:veraxx]( vera++ reports generation goal.
+* [cxx-maven-plugin:coverage]( gcov reports generation goal
+* [cxx-maven-plugin:valgrind]( valgrind reports generation goal.
+## [Usage](
+* Instructions on how to use the Cxx Maven Plugin can be found on the [usage page](
+## Examples
+* [pom sample](
+* [complete sample](
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