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last weekend my co-workers and I went to the Belgian Perl Workshop 09. I attended the following presentations:

  • KiokuDB, by nothingmuch. Slides are available here. We were able to talk with him during the afternoon, we might we use it at $work.

  • Painless XSLT with Perl, by andrew shitov. Was interesting, even if I don't do any XSLT anymore. Again, some ideas might be used for work.

  • What are you pretending to be ?, by liz. That's a hell of a hack. The module is available on the CPAN.

  • Regular Expressions and Unicode Guru, by abigail. Feel better to know that I'm not the only one suffering with unicode in Perl ;). Learn some stuff like how to create a custom character classe, etc.

  • Catalyst, by matt trout. Ok, we're using Catalyst at work for our webservices. So we allready know about catalyst, but we were curious. And as i was hoping, we learn some nice tweaks. We discovered Catalyst::Model::Adaptor, so we don't have to do some horrible stuff in our Controller any more, and some other interesting stuff were put in this talk. And matt is a really good speaker, manage to keep an audiance amused and interested.

  • Catalyst & AWS, by matt trout. Once again, a really good talk by matt. Some good advices, and a lot of fun.

We didn't stay long for the social event in the evening; we had booked a hotel in bruxelles. But i'm glad that we were able to get to this perl workshop, it was well-organised, good talks, meet nice people, and learn some stuff. All in all, a good day :)