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This morning I saw this post from Marcus Ramberg about MojoX::Routes::AsGraph. I liked the idea. But as I Catalyst instead of Mojo, I thought I could give a try and do the same thing for Catalyst dispatcher, and I've coded CatalystX::Dispatcher::AsGraph. For the moment only private actions are graphed.

You use it like this: perl bin/ --appname Arkham --output routes.png


You can create a simple script to output as text if you prefer:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use strict;
use CatalystX::Dispatcher::AsGraph;

my $graph = CatalystX::Dispatcher::AsGraph->new_with_options();
print $graph->graph->as_txt;

For thoses who are interested by visualization, I'll publish soon some (at least I think) really nice visualisations about CPAN, Perl, and his community, that we have created at $work.