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Alexis (sukria) released Dancer 1.130 this weekend. Dancer is a small and nice web framework based on ruby's sinatra.

Dancer have few dependancies (and it doesn't depends anymore on The path dispatching is done using rules declared with HTTP methods (get/post/put/delete), and they are mapped to a sub-routine which is returned as the response to the request. Sessions are supported, and two template engines (one of them is Template Toolkit) comes with the Core. Dancer::Template::MicroTemplate is also available on CPAN if you need a light template engine.

You can easily test it with a simple script

    #!/usr/bin/env perl
    use Dancer;

    get '/' => sub {
        return "dancer";

    get '/:name' => sub {
        return params->{name} . " is dancing";


and execute this script, point your browser to, and voila.

Dancer provides also a small helper to write a new application: dancer -a MyApplication

If you create an application with this script, an app.psgi file will be created. You can now execute plackup --port 8080

(which comes with Plack the Perl Web Server) and test if everything works fine: curl http://localhost:8080.

This release remove some components from the core and they are now available as differents CPAN distributions. Two new keyword have also been added, header and prefix.

If you want to read more about Dancer: