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This week, with Alexi's help, I've been working on to add auto-(de)serialization to Dancer's request. This features will be available in the next Dancer version, the 1.170 (which will be out before April).

The basic idea was to provides to developer a simple way to access data that have been send in a serialized format, and to properly serialize the response.

At the moment, the supported serializers are :





Configuring an application to use the serializer

To activate serialization in your application:

set serializer => 'JSON';

or in your configuration file:

serializer: "JSON"

A simple handler

Let's create a new dancer application (you can fetch the source on my git server :

dancer -a dancerREST
cd dancerREST


package dancerREST;
use Dancer ':syntax';

my %users = ();

post '/api/user/' => sub {
    my $params = request->params;
    if ($params->{name} && $params->{id}) {
        if (exists $users{$params->{id}}) {
            return {error => "user already exists"};
        $users{$params->{id}} = {name => $params->{name}};
        return {id => $params->{id}, name => $params->{name}};
    else {
        return {error => "name is missing"};


We can test if everything works as expected:

plackup app.psgi &
curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST http://localhost:5000/api/user/ -d '{"name":"foo","id":1}'
# => {"name":"foo","id":"1"}

Now we add a method to fetch a list of users, and a method to get a specific user:

# return a specific user
get '/api/user/:id' => sub {
    my $params = request->params;
    if (exists $users{$params->{id}}) {
        return $users{$params->{id}};
    else {
        return {error => "unknown user"};

# return a list of users
get '/api/user/' => sub {
    my @users;
    push @users, {name => $users{$_}->{name}, id => $_}
        foreach keys %users;
    return \@users;

If we want to fetch the full list:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:5000/api/user/
# => [{"name":"foo","id":"1"}]

and a specific user:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" http://localhost:5000/api/user/1
# => {"name":"foo"}

The mutable serializer

The mutable serializer will try to load an appropriate serializer guessing from the Content-Type and Accept-Type header. You can also overload this by adding a content_type=application/json parameter to your request.

While setting your serializer to mutable, your let your user decide which format they prefer between YAML, JSON and XML.

And the bonus

Dancer provides now a new method to the request object : is_ajax. Now you can write something like

get '/user/:id' => sub {
    my $params = request->params;
    my $user   = $users{$params->{id}};
    my $result;
    if (!$user) {
        _render_user({error => "unknown user"});
    else {

sub _render_user {
    my $result = shift;
    if (request->is_ajax) {
        return $result;
    else {
        template '', $result;

If we want to simulate an AJAX query:

curl -H "X-Requested-With: XMLHttpRequest" http://localhost:5000/user/1

and we will obtain our result in JSON. But we can also test without the X-Requested-With:

curl http://localhost:5000/user/1

and the template will be rendered.

Hope you like this new features. I've also been working on something similar for Tatsumaki.