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First, no more welsh. Ever.

Even if Calais was not the easiest destination for every one, it was a really fun and intersting two days. I met nice folks, had great discussions and drink good beers.

For those who missed this workshop, a short summary for you:

  • had excellent discussions with sukria about the future of Dancer
  • fun facts about time zone and unicode with maddingue, rgs and fperrad
  • interesting chat with fperrad about lua and parrot
  • convinced more people that Plack is the future for Perl Web development
  • beers, and more beers with sukria, jerome, Arnaud, rgs, Camille and Stephane.
  • talked with Marc about Plack, Dancer, and other stuff


My slides are available online (in french):

And to finish, two other summaries: sukria's one and twitter's timeline; and some pictures on flickr.

Thanks to Laurent and Sebastien for their hard work on organizing this conference.