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I've been contributing to Dancer for a few months now, and the discussions occurs mainly on IRC (, #dancer) or on the Mailing List.

Last weekend, I had the occasion to meet sukria during the French Perl Workshop. This has been really productive, we had the occasion to talk about Plack, the templating system, websocket, ... and I really think we should have met before. It was also the occasion to meet another contributor, eiro, with whom I've been able to share some knowledge about Plack.

During the workshop, I made a talk about Plack and the Middlewares. The direct result of this is the last feature added by sukria: middlewares can be set in the configuration file of your Dancer application, and will be loaded for you.

The next release of Dancer won't generate an app.psgi file anymore, so you will only need to edit your environment file (like deployement.yaml), and add the following configuration:

    warnings: 1
    auto_reload: 1
        - panels
            - Response
            - Dancer::Version
            - Dancer::Settings

and your application will load some Plack::Middleware::Debug and Dancer::Debug panels.

Sukria has suggested a monthly drinkup meeting for people in/near Paris, to talk about Dancer and Plack, in a pub or another place where we can bring a laptop, have some beers and share idea/codes and other exchange technicals thoughts.

I hope to meet more Dancer developers and users in a near future (sawyer at Pisa maybe ?).