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If you'd like to be a jitter bug, First thing you must do is get a jug, Put whiskey, wine and gin within, And shake it all up and then begin.

Earlier this month sukria set up a shell script to run the Dancer's tests suit. The script is simple, but does what we want:

  • every 15 minutes, it pulls from the github repository
  • for every perl installed via perlbrew, it executes the tests suite
  • it stores the results in text file
  • finally, it creates a code coverage report for the master branch

The only problem I had with this is that it wasn't really easy to find the appropriate test report you might want to check.

That's when I decided to write an interface to this: jitterbug.


You can check Dancer's version. The interface is really simple: there's a list of repositories, the status of the last build, and a link to a list of all the project's builds.


How it works

For each project you want to use with jitterbug, you set the url of the HTTP hook in the administration page of your project. Each time a push is detected, GH will send you a notification (you can see details of the content). If the project doesn't already exist in your setup, it will be created, so you don't need to maintain or update a configuration file each time you create a new repository. The notification creates a task in a queue, and a script pulls the task and executes it.

If you don't want anyone to use your setup for building their modules, you can protect the /hook/ path with a .htaccess, and use the following kind of url : http://user:pass@.../

The script (, provided with JB) will clone the repository, switch to the given commit and run the tests. It works both with classic distribution having a Makefile.PL and Dist::Zilla setups. The output is stored on the disk and some information about the project will be updated. You can see the result for Dancer.

This script relies on two important things: perlbrew and cpanminus. So your tests will be executed against every Perl version you have installed and thanks to cpanminus, all the deps will be installed too.

If the test fails, a mail is sent to the author.

What's next

A list of some features I want to have:

  • IRC notifications (something like: [author's name]: link to the commit - commit message - link to the build)
  • customizable builder script (so you can add your own hook to building a package, having private notifications, etc.)
  • simple administration (restart a build, etc.)

(thanks to sawyer and sukria).