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I've worked for nearly four years at Linkfluence. From this summer on, I'm switching to a new job at Say Media, San Francisco.

Working at Linkfluence has been an awesome experience for me. I've learned a lot of things, worked on really interesting projects, and worked with an awesome team.

Linkfluence is hiring

Linkfluence is always looking for developers to join the team. If you want a Perl job in France, and want to work on interesting topics such as:

  • social media monitoring
  • web crawling
  • data indexation
  • data visualization

Linkfluence is the company you want to join. If you're interested, send your CV to Camille Maussang (CTO at Linkfluence): camille.maussang at

Technologies at Linkfluence

We're typically using the following technologies to solve our various problems:

  • Solr and ElasticSearch to index the contents of various social media (blogs, tweeter, etc)
  • Riak to store the contents
  • a lot of Perl (and not the Perl of your (dear) grandmother, but Catalyst, Moose, DBIx::Class, Dancer, perl-5.12, ...)
  • Redis
  • PostgreSQL
  • Gephi

Open Source at Linkfluence

Developers here are encouraged to contribute to open source projects, to publish code on GitHub, and talk about the things they do.

The company also sends the developers to various open source conferences:


  • Belgium Perl Workshop
  • French Perl Workshop

You're encouraged to talk at those conferences, and you can prepare your talks during work time. Linkfluence is also working closely with the French Perl Mongueurs, and tries to organize events with them (technical meetings, Dancer hackaton, etc).

Science at Linkfluence

Most of the developers in the company are coming from a scientific background (but this is not a requirement). Some of them do publish scientific papers on topics like social media and graphs analysis.

If you want to work with smart people on interesting topics like graphs, and help them to implement solutions or experiment with some algorithm, you'll feel at home there.

My future

I'll move to San Francisco this summer to start my new job at Say. I have a lot to do before moving, but I'm very excited with this new opportunity. Sadly, I'll probably miss YAPC::EU, but I should do YAPC::NA next year ø/.