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The call for paper for the French Perl Workshop is open. This event will be held the 24th and 25th of June in Paris. As always, this is a free conference.

FPW 11


The workshop will take place in Cité des Sciences in Paris. This is the same place as for last year The venue is easy to access using the subway (line 7), and there is a nice park to take a break or take a lunch.


Yes, we need more talks :) We've already accepted a little bit more than 10 talks, but we need more talks to fill the schedule. An introduction to Perl will also be organized in addition to the talks. We're also looking for some talks about Perl's success in entreprise. If you're using Perl at work, please, come to share with a captive audiance how you use it and how it's helpful.


We will organize two dinners, one the thursday night, and a second the friday night. You should check the wiki to find more informations. (BooK is also looking for some people to join him to a concert :))


You! of course. This event will be nothing without you, your talk, and your presence. The whole organizers team is working hard to make this event a great conference. I also want to thank Laurent Boivin for all his efforts and pushing us to do our tasks.

If you happen to be in Paris next week during Solution Linux, please, stop by to the French Mongueurs booth.

So, what are you waiting to register ?