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This week-end I participated to, the first version of a new hackathon organized by the Mongueurs. Sadly (or maybe not) I was not physically with my fellow mongueurs to work on code, and did it remotely.

My goal for this two days was to get some work done on Dancer2: code review, fixes, submit bugs, and get some work done on the core.

Saturday started by a discussion with Alberto and Sawyer about what should be our priorities. None of us had really worked on Dancer2 so far, so we had a lot to catch up. We started with a list of things we think should be easy to work on, so we could focus on them in order to be able to deliver something by the end of the weekend. We quickly agreed on it, and then we started to code.

Sawyer started his chainsaw and pushed a dozen of commits to clean up some code. He also write a few emails to the team with more short and medium terms objectives.

On my side, I wanted to fix the code related to the hooks. Not all the hooks available in Dancer 1 were present in Dancer 2, and some of them were a little bit buggy. I pushed some code to fix that, hopefully we will find the time this week to review it.

During that time, Alberto merged a few pull requests and fixed the travis build!

I only managed to get two hours of work done on Sunday. The biggest change was a refactoring of the Response and Request objects, to give them a similar API. Then I took a look at some of the changes made by Sawyer and did some review.

It was fun. Working again with Alberto and Sawyer was really great, and I realized how much I missed working with this guys. I'm excited for the next comming weeks, more work will be done (there's still some issues that we need to fix, and some documentation clean up) and some releases will be pushed out.

And a huge shout out to Yanick, because while we were having fun on Dancer2, he was pushing fixes and merging pull requests for Dancer 1. You should look closely at the CPAN because a release will appear very soon :)

And to conclude, I've a question for Laurent (who is probably the most important member of the french community at this point): when do you organize the next one ? :) (also, I'm very disapointed that I didn't get the free croissants and coffee).