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a simple redis/tatsumaki message queue
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presque - a redis/tatsumaki based message queue


In order to use presque, you will need:


presque is a persistent job queue that uses Redis for storage and Tatsumaki for the interface between workers and Redis.

presque implement a REST interface for communications, and jobs are JSON data structure.

Workers can be written in any language as long as they implement the REST interface. A complete worker exists for Perl presque::worker. Some examples in other languages can be found in the eg directory.

The functionalities are inspired by RestMQ and resque.


The following HTTP routes are available:

GET /q/queuename
    gets an object out of the queue

POST /q/queuename
    insert an object in the queue

PUT /q/queuename
    re-insert a job after a worker failed to process the job

DELETE /q/queuename
    purge and delete the queue

GET /status/
    informations about a queue.

GET /j/queuename
    return some basic information about a queue.

GET /control/queuename
    return the status of the queue. A queue have two statues: open or
    closed. When a queue is closed, no job can be extracted from the

POST /control/queuename
    change the status of the queue.

GET /w/
    some statisctics about a worker

POST /w/queuename
    register a worker on a queue.

DELETE /w/queue_name
    unregister a worker on a queue.



franck cuny


For a complete description of each routes, refer to presque::WorkerHandler, presque::RestQueueHandler, presque::ControlHandler, presque::JobQueueHandler, presque::StatusHandler.

For a complete worker see presque::worker.


Copyright 2010 by Linkfluence

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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