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ASI Lite

This is designed as a fast and simple alternative to for mobile devices.

Minimal javascript is used.

It use the public API to fetch the content. Nothing is stored on the server.


It's currently working and usable.

What's working:

  • Login, logout
  • List and paginate content
  • Display content
  • Display video
  • Display inline video
  • Navigate content, authors
  • Search
  • RSS/Atom feeds

Planned features:

  • Option to display the cover images
  • Fix layout of old articles


You will need docker to run asilite.

On development, run:


It will run the server and expose it on the 4000 port: http://localhost:4000

On production:

  1. Create the config/prod.secret.exs file with the minimal following content

    use Mix.Config
    config :asitext, AsitextWeb.Endpoint,
      secret_key_base: "YOURSECRETKEYBASE"
    • To enable hsts and host your instance behind a reverse proxy

      use Mix.Config
      config :asitext, AsitextWeb.Endpoint,
        secret_key_base: "YOURSECRETKEYBASE"
        force_ssl: [
          hsts: true,
          rewrite_on: [:x_forwarded_proto]
    • To enable Rollbar error tracking, add the following config:

      config :rollbax,
        enabled: true,
        access_token: "YOURACCESSTOKEN",
        environment: "production"
    • To protect the /login endpoint with basic auth, add the following content:

      config :asitext, :basic_auth, [
        username: "YOURUSERNAME",
        password: "YOURPASSWORD",
        realm: "Caution"
  2. Build the image: docker build --tag asi .

  3. Run it: docker run --publish 4000:4000 asi




API bugs

Here is the list of unexpected behavior of the API:

  • The Range header on search results only accept 0 9, 10 19 and not arbitrary range.
  • The search endpoint ignore parameters if invalid.
  • Some date are not formatted correctly


Thanks to the team at arretsurimages for the API. I disagree with the choice of using javascript on the client side, but the API is very simple to use.


(c) 2018 François de Metz