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(ns episode-013
(:use lib.sfd.pred-utils))
;; From episode 11
(defn newton
"Creates a newton iterator. If start is not provided, zero is assumed."
([f f-prime] (newton f f-prime 0))
([f f-prime start]
(iterate (fn[x]
(- x
(/ (f x)
(f-prime x))))
(defn -sqr [a b] (let [d (- a b)] (* d d)))
(defn -norm [a b] (Math/sqrt (-sqr a b)))
(defn simple-converge
"Finds the first element of coll where the norm of two consecutive
elements is less than epsilon."
([epsilon coll] (simple-converge epsilon -norm coll))
([epsilon norm coll]
(fn [[a b] & more] (< epsilon (norm a b)))
(partition 2 1 coll)))))
(defn richardson
"Creates a closure that computes the derivative using a Richardson
[f delta]
(reduce +
(map * [1 -8 8 -1] (map #(f (+ x (* delta %))) [-2 -1 1 2])))
(* 12 delta))))
;; From episode 12
(defn solve-equation
"This solves a constraint fn with respect to free-var (a keyword).
Typically constraints end with a * suffix."
[constraint free-var a-map]
(let [target-fn (fn [x] (constraint (assoc a-map free-var x)))
target-prime (richardson target-fn 0.01)]
(simple-converge 0.01 (newton target-fn target-prime))))
(defn find-all-free-keys
"This is a utility fn to determine which keys are free in a map.
It is used to determine which variable to solve for."
[source-keys a-map]
(let [frozen-keys (map first (filter (every-pred?
(comp (set source-keys) first))
remaining-keys (remove (set frozen-keys) source-keys)]
(defn find-free-key
"This is a utility fn to determine which keys are free in a map.
It is used to determine which variable to solve for."
[source-keys a-map]
(let [remaining-keys (find-all-free-keys source-keys a-map)]
(if (= (count remaining-keys) 1)
(first remaining-keys))))
(defmacro defequation
"Creates an equation. This macro defines three functions.
* name*, which is the actual equation. It should be equal to zero.
* name-val, a closure to determine the actual value of the free fn.
* name, which returns a map. The result of sym-val is assoc'd with
the free vairable."
([name binding left right]
(let [name* (symbol (str name "*"))
name-val (symbol (str name "-val"))
keywords (vec (map keyword binding))
binding-map (zipmap binding keywords)
free-key (gensym "free-key_")]
(defn ~name* [~binding-map]
(- ~left ~right))
(defn ~name-val [~'constraints-map]
(let [~free-key (find-free-key ~keywords ~'constraints-map)]
(if ~free-key (solve-equation ~name* ~free-key ~'constraints-map))))
(defn ~name [~'constraints-map]
(let [~free-key (find-free-key ~keywords ~'constraints-map)]
(if ~free-key (assoc ~'constraints-map ~free-key (~name-val ~'constraints-map)))))
;; Inference Graph
(defmacro definference
"Creates a constraint and adds it to the supplied inference graph.
Use this instead of defconstraint if you want to use this inference
inference-graph-ref is expected to be a ref to a map."
[sym binding inference-graph-ref left right]
(let [keywords (vec (map keyword binding))]
(defequation ~sym ~binding ~left ~right)
(dosync (alter ~inference-graph-ref assoc ~keywords ~sym)))))
(def *max-depth* 10)
(defn- potential-fns
"A private helper fn for inference chain."
[values graph]
(into {} (filter (comp (partial some (set values)) first) graph)))
(defn- usable-fns
"A private helper fn for inference chain."
[current-map pot-fns]
(into {} (filter (comp #(find-free-key % current-map) first) pot-fns)))
(defn infer-chain
"This function does the heavy lifting for the infer method.
It inspects the input-map, and apllies any constraints that
have exactly one free variable. Once a equation that can
find desired value is found, the resulting closure chain is
This performs a depth-first search, and will return nil when
*max-depth* steps are found."
[inference-graph desired-value input-map]
(let [clean-map (into {} (filter second input-map))]
(if (clean-map desired-value)
[identity] ;Value already is in map, abort
((fn inference-loop [known-map moves current-iter]
(if (not (zero? current-iter))
(let [end-fns (potential-fns [desired-value] inference-graph)
end-now (usable-fns known-map end-fns)]
(empty? end-fns) nil ;Can't get to the end :(
(not (empty? end-now)) (conj moves (first (vals end-now))) ; I can end!
true (let ;Can I make a move?
[next-fns (potential-fns (keys known-map) inference-graph)
next-now (usable-fns known-map next-fns)]
(empty? next-now) nil ;Can't take next step :(
true (first (filter identity
(map #(let [next-move (second %) ;I can move!
new-known (find-free-key (first %) known-map)]
(assoc known-map new-known 1)
(conj moves next-move)
(dec current-iter)))
clean-map () *max-depth*))))
(defn infer
[inference-graph desired-value input-map]
(let [clean-map (into {} (filter second input-map))
ic (infer-chain inference-graph desired-value input-map)]
(if ic
((apply comp ic) clean-map))))
;; Temperature fns
(def gas-laws (ref {}))
(definference f<->c [f c] gas-laws f (-> c (* 1.8) (+ 32)))
(definference k<->c [k c] gas-laws k (-> c (+ 273.15)))
;;Expanded Version
(defequation f<->c [f c] f (-> c (* 1.8) (+ 32)))
(dosync (alter gas-laws assoc [:f :c] f<->c)))
(let [ic (apply comp (infer-chain @gas-laws :k {:f 0}))]
(map #(ic {:f %})) (range 0 100 10))