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# My Utilities Library
This is a collection of small utility routines I use in my code. I put it up here in case anyone else finds it useful. Currently it includes:
* String Utilities
* Clipboard Utilities
# String Utilities
Namespace: lib.devlinsf.str-utils
This is a proposed change for str-utils. There are a few key changes, which can be summarized as follows.
* The re-* methods can now take a list of regexes, and each is applied recursively.
* Several utility methods have been added to simply common string manipulations.
* str-take & str-drop methods have been created, which simplify substring operations and splitting once on a regex.
* re-split is written in terms of re-partition. The result is re-split is now lazy.
## String Usage
Usage is documented in the README.html file.
== Clipboard Utilities ==
Namespace: lib.devlinsf.clip-utils
This is designed to support ad-hoc data processing and spreadsheet wrangling. Also, it could be useful for adding custom cut and paste to your own Swing applications.
Currently only moving text objects between applications is supported. There a few known quirks with set-clip! in OS X. Seems to work fine on XP. Have not tested Vista or any variants of Linux.
=== Clipboard Usage ===
Here's a quick rundown of how to use the methods.
==== Cut & Paste ====
Assume "Clojure is Awesome" is on the clipboard
# Use the get-clip function to return the data as a string.
"Clojure is Awesome"
user=>(count (get-clip))
# Use the set-clip! function to paste a string to the clipboard.
user=>(set-clip! "Clojure is Great")
;"Clojure is Great" is now on the clipboard
==== Cut & Paste S-exps ====
Assume the following is in the clipboard
(+ 2 2)
# Use the read-clip function to return the clipboard data as an S-exp (if applicable).
(+ 2 2)
user=>(count (read-clip))
# Use the eval-clip function to evaluate the S-exp in the clipboard (if applicable).
==== Storing Clippings ====
# Use the defclip macro to store the clipping in a variable.
user=>(defclip a-symbol)
;a-symbol now stores the contents of the clipboard. Great for REPL hacking.
== Installation ==
After downloading, run ant in order to build the devlinsf-utils.jar file. Then, add it to you clojure classpaths as necessary