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-==My Utilities Library==
+# My Utilities Library
This is a collection of small utility routines I use in my code. I put it up here in case anyone else finds it useful. Currently it includes:
-*String Utilities
-*Clipboard Utilities
+* String Utilities
+* Clipboard Utilities
-== String Utilities ==
+# String Utilities
Namespace: lib.devlinsf.str-utils
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ This is a proposed change for str-utils. There are a few key changes, which can
* str-take & str-drop methods have been created, which simplify substring operations and splitting once on a regex.
* re-split is written in terms of re-partition. The result is re-split is now lazy.
-=== String Usage ===
+## String Usage
Usage is documented in the README.html file.
== Clipboard Utilities ==

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