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@@ -142,22 +142,6 @@ key :count.
user=> ((trans "a" (comp inc #(get % "a"))) abc123)
{:a 1, :b "B", :c "C"}
-trans is a little cumbersome, generating a closure. There is also a
-deftrans macro. It creates a trans and stores it in the provided
- user=> (counter abc123)
- {:count 3, "a" 1, "b" 2, "c" 3}
- user=> (deftrans inc-a :a (comp inc :a))
- #'user/inc-a
- user=> (inc-a abc123)
- {:a 1, :b "B", :c "C"}
##Using a closure
Let's revisit the fact that trans generates a closure. We can use the
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