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Mary Gear VR

This is a Gear VR ready version of the Mary Oculus video made by Pedro Fernando Gomez Fernandez. The video is a spherical stereoscopic video rendered with a custom camera for Arnold.

Read the Instructions below for getting it loaded into your GearVR device.

Preview the video online.

Mary GearVR

All rights for this are reserved by Pedro, email him with any questions regarding using his work.


To get this working on the GearVR. Assumes you already have the Oculus app setup.

  1. Install Milk VR - Best Spherical Sterescopic playback app at the moment
  2. Download MaryGearVR.json and MaryGearVR.mp4 to your GearVR device - Email the Downloads page to yourself for easier downloading - MaryGearVR.json is necessary for Milk VR to recognize and display the video in its UI
  3. When the download is finished, go to My files app
  4. Tap on Storage
  5. Tap on Download
  6. Tap on the upper right icon (three dots) and tap on Select
  7. Select MaryGearVR.mp4 and MaryGearVR.json
  8. Tap on the upper right icon (three dots) and tap on “Move”
  9. Select LocalStorage -> Android -> data -> -> files
  10. Now, the video is ready for watching with the Milk VR app, inside the Downloaded section

See the References below for more details of how it was made.



GearVR ready version the MaryOculus video



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