Lightweight alternative to Electron for making macOS apps using Javascript
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Create desktop apps in Javascript. Lightweight alternative to Electron because of only supporting macOS (for now).


  • CLI for converting static website into a macOS app.
  • Tiny App sizes (macOS: < 100K, Windows: N/A)
  • Debuggable (Right-click window, select "Inspect Element")
  • Fullscreen API
  • File Read/Write API
  • Menu API


npm install -g shrinkray


The input path must be to a folder that has an index.html in it, everything in the folder will be copied into the generated app and accessible.

shrinkray -i <project>/html -o

Example Apps

Source code (Click thumbnail to download app)


Source code (Click thumbnail to download app)

Mini Paint

Source code (Click thumbnail to download app)


  1. Required Tools

  2. Clone the project

    git clone
    cd shrinkray
  3. Install Dependencies

    npm install
  4. Build App Template

    npm run build:app
  5. Publish to npm

    npm run publish:patch