ConnectCon Conf Chef repo & CQ/AEM chef-metal experimentations
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ConnectCon Conf Chef repository

Every Chef Organization needs a Chef Repository. This is the place where cookbooks, roles, config files and other artifacts for managing systems with Chef live. This repository was made to run a Chef organization to demo our aem/cq cookbook at the ConnectCon conference, cf.

AEM Chef Test-Drive

Later on I added a chef-metal based cookbook in this chef repo, this allows you to have an AEM infra fully configured in matter of minutes using a vagrant provisionner.

  • install vagrant
  • install ruby with rvm
  • install bundler
  • checkout this git chef-repo to your disk
  • edit the dev.json environment file in order to have the download_url and license_url pointing to reachable aem jar and license URLs within your network
  • change directory to the root of the local copy of this git repo
  • launch our ./

Except for vagrant installation all the above can be boiled down to the following commmand lines:

curl -sSL | bash -s stable
gem install bundler
git clone
cd connectcon-chef-repo

A few minutes later you will have a centos vm running on a local IP (set up in our aem-metal default recipe) If this private range IP is in used pick another one, just change the recipe file.

The vm is created by default under .chef/vms . From there, you can ssh in, and then double check aem service is started and eventually stop the firewall to freely access this chef automated cq author instance from your browser at

$ cd .chef/vms	
$ vagrant ssh
Last login: Tue Jul 15 16:44:19 2014 from
Welcome to your Vagrant-built virtual machine.
[vagrant@author ~]$ sudo service service aem-author status 
[vagrant@author ~]$ sudo service iptables stop

What's next ?

If my agenda allows it, I hope I could demo here as well:


failing vagrant #1


STDERR:/Users/ledroff/.vagrant.d/gems/gems/vagrant-berkshelf-1.3.7/lib/berkshelf/vagrant/env.rb:18:in `initialize': undefined method `scope' for #<Vagrant::UI::Colored:0x000001026c2908> (NoMethodError)


vagrant plugin uninstall vagrant-berkshelf

failing vagrant #2


undefined method `register_middleware' for #<Faraday::Connection:0x0000010221f018>
---- End output of vagrant box add CentOS-6.4-x86_64 ----


vagrant plugin uninstall vagrant-chef-zero