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A AEM/CQ 5.5 bundle leveraging https://github.com/francoisledroff/force-rest-api

Give a try:

  • upload with vault the content you can find under src/main/resources into your cq5.5 instance
  • build and deploy the above bundle using maven
    • make sure you can download the cq5.5 dependencies in your maven local repositories
  • get hold of a salesforce instance and configure a remote app with oAuth2 scope, with the refresh token option
  • configure the ApiAuthServiceImpl OSGI service with
  • loginHost: the salesforce login host
  • consumerKey: the consumer key you got from the salesforce admin (see the previous step)
  • secretKey: the secret key you got from the salesforce admin (see the previous step)
  • redirect_uri: matching your server https://yourserver/content/force/api/cqforce/apiauth.json
  • use our test drive page deployed in step 1: by browsing https://yourserver/content/force/api/test-drive.html

Enjoy and give us feedback.