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This repo refers to blog post:


Start the containers. docker-compose up -d Pgweb container often starts too soon compared to postgres, you might have to run another docker-compose up -d once postgres had time to start. The worker container is in exit mode, that's normal, it's not supposed to be running all the time.

When postgres and pgweb containers are up, log into the worker container: docker-compose run worker /bin/bash Now import the excel spreadsheet into postgres: python exit

Pandas ability to auto-detect column data format is a killer feature, since it allows you to just process Excel sheets without having to specify all the headers, types and such.

Now go to pgweb interface in your web browser on localhost:8000 and you should see the table "sheet_1" with the excel sheet data in it.

Do this with all your spreadsheet sheets, and you can then perform all kinds of analysis on clean, structured data!

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