Demo made for the PyThai meetup @ 2016-05-12
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PyThai Restaurant Demo

This is a demo on how to scale an AMQP NodeJS Microservice Architecture using Docker + Docker Compose, made for the PyThai Meetup.

It consists of 2 AMQP brokers:

  • Dirty Dish Generator
  • Dishwasher

The idea behind this is that we have a higher frequency of dirty dishes (one every 2s) than what we can handle with our dishwashers (one every 5s), so dirty dishes will start to pile up... and we don't want that!

Enter horizontal scaling made easy by docker-compose:

docker-compose scale dishwasher=10

After running this command, we'll magically handle more dirty dishes! Simple as that!

How to run this?

Install docker (1.10+) and docker-compose (1.6+), then run docker-compose up

How to test it?

  1. Give it a minute so dishes can pile up.
  2. Access RabbitMQ administration interface: http://localhost:15672

Note: if you're using Mac or Windows, please replace localhost with your Docker IP.

You can also navigate to Queues -> Dishes to view a graph of Queued messages.

  1. Scale using the command

docker-compose scale dishwasher=10

  1. Watch the Dishes get washed!

More info

Please see the whole presentation at: .