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Brute force and validate low entropy E0 keys

This folder contains the code that we developed to brute force, and validate encryption keys generated using the E0 stream cipher. E0 uses custom security functions, including the H hash function, and the Es entropy reduction function. Refer to Figure 6 of our paper for an high level description of those functions.

  • contains an implementation of a custom hash function used by Bluetooth, and indicated in the standard as H.

  • uses H to compute SRES and ACO, ACO is used as COF.

  • uses H to compute Kc that is an encryption key with 16 bytes of entropy.

  • reduces the entropy of Kc according to the negotiated entropy N

  • contains the constants

    • change E0_IMPL_PATH = "/home/mel/knob/e0/e0" to your full path
  • is used to perform computation in Galois field and bit manipulations.

  • e0 binary compiled using this open source C implementation of E0

  • Makefile contains several targets such as

    • make tests to check that all the modules are working correctly
    • make bf to launch our brute force script against the ciphertext in
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