Contributors List

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name avatar Tasks
Randy Farmer Randy Original Client and Ops. Grand Poobah of the modern project
Chip Morningstar Chip Original Grand Poobah of Habitat. Elko Lord and Master
Alex Handy VonGuard Instigator. Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment
Stuart Cass Stu Virtual World Archaeologist. Tinkerer of things
Keith Elkin Keith Habitat Geographer, Virtual World Archivist, Habitat Addict, IT Geek.
Steve Salevan Steve Developer, SRE, not Phil Collins
David McIntyre Plugh QA, ops, rememberer of things
Matt Post Rassilon Graphic Designer, Preferred the 90s Internet!
Benj Edwards RedWolf Tech historian, journalist, tester
Ricky Derocher Ricky Tester & FAQ Wrangler
Jason Goodman Jason Junior Developer, usually breaks things
Gary Lake Brataccas C64 Coder
Christian A. Schiller Goethe "Real C64" tester
Martin Brunner Flexman Tester (also real C64) & HowTo Contributor
Taylor Nodell nodes777 WebDev
Christian Schindler Herpes Area mapper
Michael Fraley Lucky_Strikez Raspberry Pi Tester
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