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A strongly typed Elm package for working with Font Awesome
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About this fork

This fork was published because I needed this library ported to 0.19, and couldn't wait until the original maintainer had time to do so.

Documentation from original fork

Elm Font Awesome 5

A strongly typed Elm package for using Font Awesome 5 icons in your views.

All Font Awesome 5 icons are included. Previous versions of Font Awesome are not supported.


Unlike other Font Awesome packages for Elm, this package exposes all of Font Awesome's features, allowing full customization of icons.

This package also prevents the possibility of writing an invalid Font Awesome element. Any missing or improper inputs result in a compile-time error.


Basic use case

import FontAwesome exposing (icon, copy)
import Html exposing (div)

view : Html msg
view =
        [ icon copy ]

-- This would spit out the following HTML
-- <div>
--     <i class="fas fa-copy"></i>
-- </div>

With options

import FontAwesome exposing (iconWithOptions, spinner, Large, Light, Spin, Size)
import Html exposing (div)
import Html.Attributes exposing (title)

view : Html msg
view =
        [ iconWithOptions
            [ Spin, Size Large ]
            [ title "Page is loading" ]

-- This would spit out the following HTML
-- <div>
--     <i class="fal fa-spinner fa-spin fa-lg" title="Page is loading"></i>
-- </div>
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