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A small, renderless Vue component for finding addresses using Google Places API. The component simply provides a list of suggestions and place information as slot props in order to support custom UI and reduce size (2K gzipped). It is easily pluggable to Vuetify and other UI components.

This project was originally based on react-geosuggest and vue-google-maps.


npm install vue-geo-suggest
yarn add vue-geo-suggest

Apart from that, an API key is necessary for using Google Places. From the Google Developer Console's API Manager Dashboard, enable the following APIs:

Generate an API key and provide it to loadGmaps utility.

The component and utilities can be imported directly:

import { GeoSuggest, loadGmaps } from 'vue-geo-suggest'

Vue.component(, GeoSuggest) // Or register locally where needed

Or used as a plugin:

import GeoSuggest from 'vue-geo-suggest'

Vue.use(GeoSuggest, { apiKey: 'my-api-key' })


  @geocoded="address = $event.normalizedAddress"
  <template v-slot="{ suggestions, loading }">
import { GeoSuggest, loadGmaps } from 'vue-geo-suggest'

export default {
  components: { GeoSuggest },
  data() {
    return {
      searchInput: '', // Search text
      selectedSuggestion: null, // Selected suggest from dropdown
      address: null, // Information about the selected place
  mounted() {
    // Load API dependencies globally. This can be called any time
    // before using GeoSuggest component.
    // i.e. in `main.js` or directly in the view where is necessary.

Example with Vuetify:

  v-slot="{ suggestions, loading }"
  @geocoded="address = $event.normalizedAddress"




  • search String (optional)

    Search string to filter places. A list of place suggestions with basic details will be provided based on this text. Example: "400 Broadway".

  • min-length Number (optional) default: 3

    Minimum length of the search string to trigger a request.

  • suggestion Object (optional)

    Selected suggestion among all the provided values to show extended details about the place. This prop must be one of the elements inside the provided suggestions list. Contains description, placeId, and matchedSubstrings.

  • debounce Function (optional)

    Called whenever the search prop changes with another function as a single parameter that performs the actual request. Useful for debouncing requests with a custom query delay. Works directly with lodash.debounce: :debounce="fn => lodashDebounce(fn, msDelay)"

  • types Array (optional)

    Filter suggestions by type. See types supported.

  • location Object (optional)

    Allows localizing the resulting suggestions. See google.maps.LatLng.

  • radius Number (optional)

    Radius in meters that defines the valid area around the provided location. Must be used with location prop.

  • bounds Object (optional)

    Bounds for biasing the suggestions. location and radius are ignored when using this. See LatLngBounds.

  • country String|Array (optional)

    Restricts predictions to the specified countries (ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 country code, case insensitive) Example: 'es'; ['it', 'fr'].

  • place-detail-fields Array (optional)

    List of fields that should be returned by Google Places API. Useful to reduce the size of the response and optimize billing. All the fields are returned by default.

  • google-maps Object|Function (optional)

    Google Maps object to use in case it is not loaded globally.


  • loading

    true when a request to Google Places API is pending. This is provided in the default scoped slot.

  • suggestions

    List of suggestions returned by Google Places API based on search. Each element is an object containing description, placeId and matchedSubstrings. This is provided in the default scoped slot.


  • suggestions

    Fired when a new list of suggestions is returned by the Google Places API.


    • suggestions Array - List of suggestions.
  • error

    Fired when Google Places API fails.


    • payload.status Object - The status returned.
  • geocoded

    Fired when the selected suggestion is geocoded and all its details are available.


    • payload.description String - Same description string as in the suggestions list.
    • payload.location Object - Latitude (lat) and longitude (lng).
    • payload.gmaps Object - Complete response for this suggestion. See its structure here.
    • payload.addressComponentsMap Object - Handy structure that summarizes gmaps components.
    • payload.normalizedAddress Object - Extended information based on the API result useful for shipping addresses.

Project setup for contributing

yarn # Installs dependencies
yarn dev # Compiles and hot-reloads for development
yarn build # Compiles and minifies for production
yarn lint # Lints and fixes files
yarn test:unit # Run tests
yarn doc:build # Update the API section of


Renderless Vue component for finding addresses using Google Places API




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