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NoPsmDrm Plugin by Frangarcj


  • Exports PSM content license keys as fake licences.
  • Bypasses expiration of PSM game licenses.
  • Allows sharing PSM content across multiple PS Vita accounts and devices using generated fake license files.

In a nutshell, this plugin allows you to bypass DRM protection on PSM game content.

This software WILL NOT

  • Allow modifications to your games/applications.
  • Enable you to run PSM content without a valid license or a fake license file.


  • For those with valid PSM activated Vitas and licenses, BACKUP EVERYTHING inside tm0 and ux0:/psm before using this plugin. If there's no backup and some files get removed / erased there is no way to get them back

Legal Disclaimer

  • The removal and distribution of DRM content and/or circumventing copy protection mechanisms for any other purpose than archiving/preserving games you own licenses for is illegal.
  • This software is meant to be strictly reserved for your own PERSONAL USE.
  • The author does not take any responsibility for your actions using this software.

Software Requirements

This software will only work on PlayStation Vita, PlayStation Vita TV, PlayStation TV devices running on firmware 3.60, the taiHEN framework and HENkaku need to be running on your device, for more information please connect to

Installing PSM runtime

When running a game for the first time, it will ask to install psm runtime. In order to download and install it, you need to change your DNS to Henkaku Update Server


Download the latest nopsmdrm.skprx, copy it to ux0:tai and modify the ux0:tai/config.txt file to add the path to the module under *KERNEL as follows


If you know what you are doing, you may change this path to an arbitrary location as long as it matches the exact location of the module. You may also edit the ur0:tai/config.txt instead assuming you do not have a config.txt file inside the ux0:tai/ folder

Creating the fake license

In order to generate a fake license file containing the application's keys, you must first launch the application with the NoPsmDrm plugin enabled.
The fake licenses for the applications will then be stored at

  • ux0:data/EM0041-NPOA00013_00-0000000000000000.rif using content id as filename

Sharing PSM Games

  • If you wish to use the application on the same device but on a different account, simply copy the fake license ux0:data/EM0041-NPOA00013_00-0000000000000000.rif to ux0:psm/NPOA00013/RO/License/FAKE.rif.
  • If you wish to use the application on a different device, transfer the content of ux0:psm/TITLE_ID to your PC and copy the fake license ux0:data/EM0041-NPOA00013_00-0000000000000000.rif file as ux0:psm/TITLE_ID/RO/License/FAKE.rif You need to update / rebuild database

If the game is "Powered by Unity" then you must ALSO create a folder in ux0:/license/app/PSM_TITLE_ID and place the 6488b73b912a753a492e2714e9b38bc7.rif included in this repo into that folder.

Installing shared games

  • PSM games must be stored at the following location: ux0:psm/TITLE_ID
  • You must update / rebuild database

Known issues

Asked to activate when launching any PSM game

This will help you fix the following error: "Go to the home screen and select [Settings] > [PSN] > [System Activation] and then activate this system."

  1. Download and install PSM Manager.

    • Launch it and click on "Fake AID".
    • Click on "Fix Unity".
    • Restart your Vita.
  2. Set DNS to in your Wifi settings.

  3. Use SimpleAccountSwitcher to connect to or create a new PSN account. This will make you lose all your local trophies.

Note: After creating or connecting to a new account, you might have messages telling you that you cannot earn trophies. In order to fix this you can use PSV Trophies Fixer.

Source code

The source code is located within the src directory and is licensed under GPLv3.


All my work is voluntary and nonprofit, however you can make children happy by making a small donation to Fundación Juegaterapia. Let me know if you donate something. Thanks!!!

Note: I'm not affiliated, sponsored, or otherwise endorsed by Juegaterapia. I just like their work.

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