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A collection of mods for use with Frangiclave's mod manager.
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A collection of Frangiclave-enhanced mods for Cultist Simulator.

This is a community repository of mods for Cultist Simulator that depend on frangiclave-patch to work and which should be applied with frangiclave-mod-manager

License: All mods are the sole property of their authors. By contributing your mod to this repository, you agree to give us permission to redistribute it.

Submitting a mod

If you have created a mod that you wish to submit to the repository, follow these steps (you will need to have installed and configured Git on your machine):

  1. Create a Github account, or sign in to your existing one.
  2. Fork the repository. As a best practice, you should keep this repository up-to-date with the main one, to avoid potential conflicts.
  3. Clone the newly-created repository to your machine.
  4. Add your mod's files in a new folder in the mods/<mod_name>/ directory, where <mod_name> is a unique name for your mod's folder.
  5. Push your changes to your repository (either on the master branch or another branch of your choosing).
  6. Submit a merge request which adds your mod's files to the repository and wait for it to be reviewed.
    • Each merge request should only ever add or update a single mod, and should only affect files of a mod you own.
    • Your mod should have a fully-detailed manifest and correctly-formatted content files to be approved.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to go through all these steps, you can message Lyrositor for him to upload the mod directly.

Once a mod is added to the repository, it can then be applied by the mod manager at any time.


Whenever you make changes to your mod that you wish to publish, submit a new merge request with the updated files and a newer version number.

Version numbers should be of the form MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH. You should increment each number as follows:

  • MAJOR when there are big, breaking change, for any mods that might depend on this one,
  • MINOR when you add functionality that keeps the mod backwards-compatible,
  • PATCH when you add backwards-compatible bug fixes.

The requirement to adhere to these rules is not always strictly enforced, but you should try to stick to them where possible for clarity.

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