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Emacs configuration

tested on GNU Emacs 24.4.1 (x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.10.8)

Note, the magit v2.x package supplied by el-get is only compatible with Emacs versions = 24.4 (i.e. not Emacs 24.3!). See el-get issue thread.

Emacs plugins

The plugins listed below are installed by el-get and specified in .emacs.d/settings/el-get-settings.el

  • auctex -- LaTeX support
  • auto-complete -- auto-completion
  • elpy -- Python IDE-like environment for emacs
  • ein -- IPython notebook support
  • magit -- git support
  • helm -- completion and selection narrowing framework
  • helm-descbinds -- describe keybindings using helm
  • markdown-mode -- markdown support
  • flycheck -- realtime syntax checking


Trouble building AUCTeX

If you get an error that contains: Error (el-get): while installing auctex: el-get: ./autogen.sh el-get could not build auctex [./autoge\ n.sh]

make sure you have automake and texlive-full installed (on Ubuntu).

Elpy dependencies

Elpy is dependent on the python packages: jedi, flake8, importmagic, autopep8, yapf

The latter three are not available through the standard anaconda repository via conda install <package>, but can be installed through pip.

At the moment, this set up does not enable the Elpy functionalities that rely upon those three packages.

flycheck warnings

You may see warnings when flycheck is enabled:

Warning: Unknown defun property `interactive-only' in flycheck-disable-checker
Warning: Unknown defun property `interactive-only' in flycheck-set-checker-executable

To make the warnings go away byte-compile flycheck.el, e.g. M-x byte-compile-file RET [file to byte-compile]

In this particular setup, you would launch emacs and type M-x byte-compile-file RET ~/.emacs.d/el-get/flycheck/flycheck.el

problem launching ein:notebooklist-open - cl-generic kluge

cl-generic appears to be an undeclared dependency for the ein package, so trying to interact with IPython notebook by typing M-x ein:notebooklist-open inside emacs gives an error to the effect of "Cannot open load file" "no such file or directory" "cl-generic".

I included a manual installation of cl-generic in el-get-settings.el. However, I still had to navigate to ~\.emacs.d\el-get\cl-generic and manually rename cl-generic-0.2.* to cl-generic.* to get around the error.


Structured after Jessica Hamrick's old emacs configuration