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Working from home
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Hi there 👋 I am Frank Lemanschik a German Distributed Cross Arch Platform OS and WebPlatform Engineer.

i Runned a Software and Hardware Consulting Agency Company known for Radical invitation take it by word Radix the root. That turned into the Technologie Leader in terms of Database and Cloud Performance running the Worlds Fastest Applications Daily Mesured against worlds most biggest Software and Cloud Companys. Now the Company Provides its knowleg Packaged into Cloud Solutions and Packages as also Trainings.

All Software that they and i create gets licensed under the unlicense to make a clear statement against license confusions and none needed lawyer invocations.

I create and evaluate methods to run Software on the large scale from consumer software with Millions of users to Web Pages with millions of views per day. To Multimedia Sharing and Creation Platforms on the Web. i making you a better coder as also ruler of your own life without you even knowing it! when you not recognize that i did something i did it right!

My main Performance keymetrics are:

  • Build Time, Test Execution Time, Time till i see a visible Change, How often do i need to adjust places outside my change to get the change into the project. ......


  • History of Software Design Patterns vol. 1 - a Compendium of Software design patterns and context why they existed.
  • History of Coding Languages vol. 1
  • History of Hardware vol. 1
  • History of the Internet and its Communitys and Services
  • History of Security vol. 1
  • History of ECMAScript/Javascript Runtimes and Engines including the good and the bad parts a catch up on Javascript the good and the bad parts with my own opinions and updates as also large additions about the current state of runtimes and engine implementations.
  • Create Web Driven Applications and WebPlatforms. A Compendium with generic knowleg about the current state of WebPlatforms.
  • The future of the Linux Kernel without Rust. but With ECMAScript.
  • Modular Task Component based Application Design in a zero trust world or How to build a Cloud Service Provider or any Cloud Product.


  • Full Ryzen 7000 Support Lands in Linux Kernel 6.2 - ~Dec 2022 AMD created a distribution porting is needed.
  • Ryzen 7000 Support Lands in Linux Kernel 6.0 - 22.09.2022

🔭 I’m currently working on:

a ECMAScript Driven ECOSYSTEM to Build and run Code in a Secure Scaleable Fashion on Any Device and reduce the existing redundancies in the Ecosystems dependencies like Chromium, ChromiumOS, NodeJS, V8, FuchisaOS, Linux. see:

🌱 I’m currently learning

Communication Skills aka how to transport a educational message in a short efficent way.

👯 I’m looking to collaborate on:

Eveything in that short High Level view: Rust, C, C++, LLVM, Linux, Android (LaCrOS), FuchsiaOS, Chromium, GraalVM and all Stuff Envolved in Building them and software with them.

🤔 I’m looking for help with:

With the Overall Project i need to create a Community of Passionated Engineers most best Professionals that already understand the core problem and help me to Apply the needed Proven Solutions to them. Like Making Libs work with Capability Based Invocation Procedure Call Protocol. see: @stealify/stealify or rtc-cluster/rtc-cluster handel based PeerConnections.

💬 Ask me about:

  • Engineering
    • VM Design Fundamentals
    • JVM Implementation
    • V8 Implementation
    • Compiler and Coding Language Implementations and Designs
    • Fundamentals ALU Design, CPU Design, GPU and so on BUS / Interrupt System processing methods
    • Operating System Design and Security as also Performance Tuning any Os, May it be Your Own Written Kernel or Linux, MacOS, FuchsiaOs, Android, IOS, I am your Man i invested over 10+ Years into reading the docs and Fundamentals.
    • VMM (VirtualMachineMonitor) Low Level Virtual Machine Management Implementations and Design
    • ECMAScript Engine Design and Embedding TC39 Specs
    • Browser Implementation and Design as also Interop and everything you can know about that beasts of Software that need to be highly Secure as They execute untrusted Source Code.
    • Confined Environments and Hardining as also Management and Operation of Large Deployments.
  • Declarativ Builds and Build Systems overall interop and migration scenarios for any kind of data
  • Automation Cross Boundarys.
  • Motivation for coders.
  • How to handle Burn Outs.
  • Leadership Mentoring.
  • Company Funding and Founding Strategies.
  • Product Development and Inovation Full lifecycle.

📫 How to reach me:

Use any Social Media Even github my Full Name is Frank Lemanschik is you maybe Know already see: 😄

😄 Pronouns:

Fraenk or simply call me SP33D or Bomberman Two Nicks from my Early days as i learn2crack and reverse engineered

Fun fact: ...

  • Windows is Possible without Spyware
  • Microsoft did switch to Linux so why don't you?
  • There is over 100x Code redundancy in near every bigger project dependencie management is a own job today
  • Simple example run rmlint on a developer machine google that command and execute it watch the result it is save.
  • Technical debt often gets Ignored Until It is to late

What i am doing in Short

I Help Organisations to Produce Web Driven Applications with and without a GUI also Embedded Devices I did invest a lot of time diging into messaging and context boundary issues the fundamentals of distributed systems and load optimization. This made me a Uniqe Source of Knowleg about Fast Rendering of big WebApplications and Fast Execution of Large Distributed Tasks parallel and in sync. I Gained also a Lot of Language Implementer and VM Engineering Knowleg while doing the before sayed. I am a Security aware Person that spots 0Day issues on a daily basis but also i was never able to fix them fast enough i am a single Person thats why i invent all this to address my own need to Build Software as a Single Person whit the Quality and Standards of Big Companys to solve the needs of them fast and with the needed Quality and Security Considerations.

At Present i mainly apply this HPC Fundamentals on OS Core Level while creating a Git Management System (Workflow) as Also A Coding Language that reuses existing Languages. And a Build Tool that can Guess Possible Builds by Understanding your Code.

My Dream is it to create a Easy way to Create Software that Follows Today Standards while droping all the history related bloat that we produced before as we got in the early days not the Processor Power to Build Software that Manages it self we got more Processor Power then we Need today but we waist humand Power. This needs to end.

Current Talks

  • Coding Languages the Good and the bad Parts. Mainly a Conclusion of my Book "Coding Languages the Good and the Bad parts".
  • Application and Software Architecture. Consistent Terminologie helps you to build any Cloud or Software with confidence.
  • Master Class V8, JVM Engineering as also VMM Concepts on a Low Level. Kernel Designs and Interfaces.
  • How to create Desktop Apps that use a Own Composed Adjusted Webplatform like WPEWebkit with Oracle GraalVM, NodeJS, Deno and Chromium as a Platform and or Any WebView Implementation eg: JavaFX, jcef, javacef
    • You will learn how to Create a Web Application that is using python via GraalVM directly exposed inside the Browsers Context as Function.
    • You will learn how to Control diffrent Browsers via the low level devtools Protocol and other InterOp Topics
    • Every Talk should have something Amazing so you will learn how to Binary Pipe Data between Multiple Contexts GraalVM, NodeJS, Browsers The Amazing part of a Binary Pipe is that you can pipe raw binary data out of every native code application into a other. Enables for example
      • Direct Rendering from Blender (Software to Produce 3d Movies the Cinema Once) onto WebGPU (a raw GPU Api replacing WebGL in browsers.)
  • How to create and Maintain Web Driven Apps Repository Organisation Package Managers Transpillers handle all the Ecosystem Edge cases fast to get faster results choose Depenencies Code Auditing License Managment.
  • CI Testing and Releasing Optimization aka Reducing time to build and test.
  • Language Implementation on GraalVM
  • Language Implementation in ECMAScript via tagged template strings aka how Stealify Lang Is Implemented.

As you can see my main love is to Create and Run Apps Faster and more Secure and Scaleable on any device and any amount of devices. I got no killer product ready at present but i know a lot about Problems in the current App Development Processes that exist and try to find solutions for them that will fit together once in a time into a Product Maybe Called Stealify Lang and that will be used to write a Platform that is install able on Legacy OS'es like ChromiumOS FuchsiaOS WindowsOS Linux and Mac supporting the most majority of CPU's and GPU's as also Interface Boards so it is a Great fit to deploy and code apps for that target Environment. OpenPwa should be able to run Stealify Modules and enforce rules on them.

Why Stealify Lang

I saw the need for a Polyglot Language Framework and i saw a good Implementation for that as i saw GraalVM i was thinking about that already as i saw that typescript got accepted by users i was not sure about that. Flow was supirior with its type annotation inlined but the vscode integration of typescript was maybe what made it a success. And it showed to me that this is a great way to Improve coders as Rust got created with the same idea in mind directly designed into the language.

My head was always thinking about the best coding lang now i know it did not exist as each lang has its pros and cons the only solution is a Universal Language that Works and offers fast feedback. But that is not enough the language needs a total new form of Compiler Target VM's including the tooling to profile and optimize this VM's on build and while running. So We need a Compiler Feedback Interface again a Universal one that is able to gather Compiler metrics and other feedback.

i also saw the need to support any language so i do not re invent the wheel i only want to apply the same patterns and a universal language over all existing code so that i need to learn less and can produce more so Stealify was Born the first scope was Simply to create a Collection of Tools then i found out that this does not scale so the first step was to create integrations into existing tools. Here a list of Main Integration points for the Meta Language. As you can see this goes Low Level we call that a so Called Language Framework the following components do form a stealify-ecmascript language framework.

  • stealify-typescript
  • stealify-eslint
  • stealify-pnp-npm
  • stealify-rollup
  • stealify-graaljs
  • stealify-es4x
  • .....

Why Open Pwa?

I know PWA is a Google thing and google is evil but it explains well what i try to archive i want to generate progressiv enhancing apps based on web tech and networking at large scale (KI, BigData).

Open PWA is already Dead=? Yes! Web Driven Application is Born WDA

Yes it is it will get a proposal for a Universal Permission and Install System for the WebInterop Platforms (wintercg) It also trys to algin Api's like NodeJS VM Module and WebWorkers as also importScripts to have a single way to deploy Web Driven Applications.

CapN is Born

Out of All the Engineering on Concepts like Open PWA and later WDA as also diffrent other App Concepts we finaly Found a good Solution to code modular web driven apps its not a Real FrameWork as Open PWA Was designed it is more low level it is a Capability Based Nativ Protocol we Created Interop between that and ECMAScript Driven Applications via Multiple Methods and Interfaces. This allows Finally Fast App Composition.

Projects & Topic MVP Done in % Details
@stealify/dom 95% MVP Forked Cheerio, parse5, htmlparser2, jsdom created a single code base with backward compat to a limited degree.
@stealify/typescript 35% Experimental based on @frank-dspeed/typescript-rollup a typescript fork that uses rollup and tsconfig to resolve dependencies
Streamline wip Creating a Complet Process Management System. With Frontend Integration and Editors. Next Level Web Style System
Stealify Components wip Creating a Highly Reuseable Collection of WebComponents Including Tooling and SDK for any WebFramework Running on any Environment Cordova, GraalVM, v8:issolates, WASM (Rust WebSys), NodeJS, Deno. WebWorkers and so on.
direktspeed/we-design-future 0% High Level Roadmap
direktspeed/was-browser & was 45% defining a Platform like Open Pwa but make it work only with a single extensible WASI and WASM's
Stealify Chromium 100% NodeJS & Chromium Latest Running on the Same V8 Instance. with Optional GraalVM and JVM Support.
Stealify 34% Universal Polyglot Coding Language with own Opinions and Concepts to Create Software highly ECMAScript inspired is a High Level Language a Software Encapsulation SDK is also included Compiles directly to Stack. The First Stack Coding Language. Can Also create custom v8::isolates and other interresting targets GraalVM
Stealify Compiler 76% KI Driven Autonomouse Software Creation based on Polyglot Code Input more easy explained a transpiler for code into more advanced code including deployment. based on Stealify v8::isolates
Stealify Operator 21% KI Driven Autonomouse Software Deployment, Operation based on Stealify v8::isolates
Open PWA 49% A Open Standard Platform written in JS offer multiple API's that runs on any Device
Stealify Java 27% Getting GraalJS NodeJS Compatible without node-graal using Stealify's implementations of nodejs core methods. as also Supply Bindings for node-v8 and Stealify v8::isolates to get InterOp with the JVM
Stealify Mobile 85% Running Linux, NodeJS, v8, JVM on Android & iOS
WebStream Protocol 43% RealTime One To Many Streaming based on torrent & webtrorrent
Topic Priority % Details
Couchbase Lite 100 % A key changing Tech Stack Component. SQLite3 for NOSQL.
WASM & WASI 100% Universal Code Executeable without beeing Rebuild Per Platform aka the next generation Open Modular Software Formart. 100% a WASM Runtime Written in Rust with a big Success Story and Ecosystem.
neon-bindings/neon 100% Optimize the Tooling to create NodeJS Bindings with rust.
JVM Tuning GC, Compiler Settings and more
V8 Embedding it into diffrent Software
Chromium Security & Embedding as also using it self as a Platform.
deno 100% a JS Runtime Written in Rust using V8
WebBiTorrent Protocol 13% Bidirectional RealTime Streaming via Many P2P Units in between Maybe Darknet 2.0?
Deployment 100% I am Addicted to Optimization of the general Deployment Processes needed.
Operation 100% I Want to Make it Simple again even on Scale with less Human Intervention.
Package Creation and Management 100% Reducing the Overhead that we have today
GraalJS Real World usability 58% Researching Best Practices to make existing NodeJS Software run Faster on GraalVM
v8::isolates Real World usability 58% Researching Best Practices to make existing NodeJS Software run Faster on v8::isolates
theia/vscode 100% Research how to Improve the Deployment and usage inside Cloud Projects, Deployments, As also Modifications like Integrations with Auth Providers and Remote testing.

A lot of Projects as i join them together into a uniq Project to reduce the redundancies in them as also allow to focus on new features and better performance together inside the projects. I see redundancy as one of the biggest issues today. As We Produce to much stuff without thinking for example there are over 1000 Package Managers around and maybe even more and they all do the same thing more or less...

The Only good way forward is Functional Composition and drop the use of ".this" in ECMAScript as also create better tooling.

Franks README StatsFranks Top Used Languages

If you want to help me you can deliver the following Resources to me


  1. Unitech/pm2 Public

    Node.js Production Process Manager with a built-in Load Balancer.

    JavaScript 38.2k 2.5k

  2. moby/moby Public

    Moby Project - a collaborative project for the container ecosystem to assemble container-based systems

    Go 64.6k 18.4k

  3. Next-generation ES module bundler

    JavaScript 22.6k 1.2k

  4. Visual Studio Code

    TypeScript 140k 24.1k

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